Nicki Doble GAICD

Nicki Doble GAICD

Nicki Doble is a senior ICT executive with a deep knowledge of digital and business intelligence technologies and extensive experience leading Agile transformational change across corporates. She provides strategic instruction on the digital economy and the shift this brings to traditional business models.  

An executive leader passionate about helping organisations turn strategy into reality. From strategic roadmaps to execution - Nicki helps companies deliver large-scale change, and accelerate the simplification of their technology ecosystems to provide a modernised platform for growth. With deep experience in the Insurance and Tech industries, Nicki has a proven track record of driving complex global programs for industry leading organisations.

Nicki believes in developing diverse teams to successfully deliver challenging projects, and ensure outcomes are integrated into business as usual. Her aim is to help people from all backgrounds and abilities become valuable contributors and leaders in the technology industry. As a Co-Founder of a Women in Technology Accelerator, Nicki is dedicated to supporting and enabling professionals to achieve their potential.

Through Directorships and leadership appointments, Nicki brings delivery expertise to Boards and Executive teams to enable improved strategic alignment, financial management, governance and growth.

Key Capabilities:

  • C-Level Business and Board Level Consulting.

  • Conference Speaker covering topics such as Predictive Analytics and Internet of Things.

  • Leadership of large transformational change.

  • Agile delivery of large technical solutions across multiple platforms and lines of business.

  • Industry experience across banking, insurance, construction, property, Government and not-for-profit.