A boutique IT consultancy firm that specialises in providing diverse technical experts.   

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Ignite creativity and innovation. 

99th Floor create high performing, creative teams. We know that it is culture that delivers projects. 

We specialise in providing passionate, open-minded technical / delivery experts of all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities.  Our teams analyse problems from a broader perspective and deliver better results.  We invest heavily in securing hard to find, experienced consultants because it is our belief the that inclusion of minorities in technology projects is a key part of creating high performing delivery teams.

 We utilise Lean Startup and Agile practices to energize and enable - quickly and with high quality, quantifiable results. We believe in continuous delivery and short iterations with agreed outcomes and timeframes.


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Diversity raises the bar – 99th Floor injects fresh ideas, richer thought and delivers outstanding technical outcomes. We provide talent that may otherwise be inaccessible to you, to bring fresh and different perspectives into your organisation which, in turn, helps to shift the culture.


Done well, offshore delivery team can create deliver great results - 99th Floor have extensive expertise in distributed global delivery so you can avoid the pitfalls. We can play a vital role in ensuring you are getting the most out of your investment.


Whether it is sourcing diverse, highly skilled talent, creating board-ready business cases or recovering large-scale, problematic projects, 99th Floor knows IT delivery and what it entails.  Our people arrive on site with mature, pragmatic delivery expertise that has proven results.


99th Floor provide bespoke panel selection according to industry and relevant emerging trends.  We guarantee cognitive diversity.  Our experts work across a wide range of fields including Tech Start Up, Corporate, Academia and Not For Profit. Panels can be one-off or ongoing.


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99th Floor works with a range of clients, from enterprises to SMEs and charities. Our services range from mid-level website, CRM and CMS implementations to global, multi-team and multi-language platform implementations and long-term digital strategy consulting engagements.

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